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"A song as radiant as "Aether" requires a clip of comparable majesty. Faizan hails from one of the most gorgeous corners of the planet: the Maldives, the idyllic tropical archipelago in the vast, calm expanse of the Indian Ocean. The "Aether" video takes the viewer to the Saii Lagoon Resort on a remote island divided from the international airport by ten miles of crystal blue water. That water is one of the stars of the "Aether" clip: Faizan is framed by the sea as he plays his handpan on a day of postcard-perfect beautiful weather. Fire, air, and earth are all represented, and each of the members of the Amadeus Electric Quartet is presented as conjurers of cosmic forces. The message is clear: music as balanced and harmonious as "Aether" doesn't happen unless all elements are in sync".

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“Coupled with Faizan’s esoteric playing style and the rhythm of the quartet, “Aether” paints a gateway into this whole new reality.” - Spinnit radio Uk

Music News hosts the exclusive world premiere of 'AETHER'


" is proud to host the exclusive world premiere of 'Aether' by Faizan feat. Amadeus."

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"We won’t bother comparing it with something you might know, because “Aether” is like nothing you’ve heard before."

HANG IN THERE - Listed among "Best handpan videos of 2016" Didge Project


"A steady groove accompanied by stompbox and foot shaker. Yes please! Filmed on a beautiful pier site in Maldives."